DENSO CoGeneration

Spark Plug Technology

a) Unique Iridium Alloy

A unique, high melting point ‘Iridium alloy’ developed and patented by DENSO, dramatically improves wear resistance compared to other Iridium plugs.

b) 360° Laser welding (centre electrode)
Perfectly uniform, 360° laser welding process, developed and patented by DENSO, joins the Iridium tip to the centre electrode; ensuring reliability in even the most extreme engine conditions.

c) High dielectric ceramics
Plug body made of ceramics with finer grain moulded under higher pressure. Higher density prevents electrical breakdown of insulator.

d) Monolithic resistor
A stress resistant, monolithic resistor inserted between the centre electrode and the surrounding wall adheres securely to
the resistor glass at high temperatures, guaranteeing the ability to withstand high combustion pressures.
Monolithic resistor eliminates interference to electronic equipment from high energy coil noise.

e) Nickel plating
A special, evenly coated Nickel plating on the plug thread creates a barrier layer that provides high resistance against ‘acid steam’ corrosion.

f) Caulking (M18 Spark Plugs)
Robust caulking technology (comprising both powder sealing and a hot lock) holds the insulator securely in the metal shell; ensuring reliability in the tough operating conditions of high pressure gas engines.

Special Nickel plating with better corrosive resistance for condensed acid water (Nickel plating without pin-hole)